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Modern au Darling Pan fanmix part ii 

(part i from darling pan ship week theme - dance) 

mystery skulls ft. snowblood - hellbent / lincoln jesser - untold / designer drugs & skitsnygg - strange misery / maluca mala - trigger / years & years - desire / mansionair - hold me down (LCAW remix) / cassie - me & u (glen check “summer” remix) / kwabs - wrong or right / tei shi - bassically / snakehips - on & on (kaytranada remix) /  - don’t wanna dance (phazz edition) 


(i made this bc it was fun to revisit the feels. im having a lonely dpshipweek moment, ignore me) 

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- Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

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Nicolas Demeersman aka Pretty Punk (b. 1978, Seclin) Worldwide ongoing Fucking Tourist series 2009-2014 Captures The Resentment Of Locals With A Simple Gesture. (Info with each pic)

This is the best

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Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

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Some of the very best subtitles


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Watch the new trailer for the Terrence Malick-produced Lincoln drama The Better Angels, featuring a quote from our review.

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